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Bald Eagles and the Colleton River Club

What a wonderful treat to have several active Bald Eagle nests right amidst our homes.

The clean marshes and rivers give them many reasons to stay and to bring up their young.

Please stop and gaze the next time you see one soaring overhead. it was not too long ago that this species' very existence was of concern.


Birds TMC 2.jpg

Have you ever seen a Loggerhead Sea Turtle lay her eggs right before your eyes?

Enjoy the 1 minute video here

Media credit to Sea Turtle Patrol of HHI.

Taken on Friday, July 15th on Burkes Beach.

A 4' Loggerhead turtle lays a nest of 100+ eggs.

Sea turtle next.jpg

If you love dolphins and other marine mammals as do we, please read this very professionally written white paper on why they should remain free and not in "underwater zoo's". 

Please click here

West Indian Manatees_edited_edited.jpg

If you don't believe that pollution can occur in the Port Royal Sound basin, please read what has happened just 200 miles south and the impact it is having upon the manatees. click here

On the Colleton River

The maritime environment which surrounds the Colleton River Club teems with wildlife both above and in the water. Yet it is all one fragile landscape where food chains must be maintained both by keeping our waters and marshes clean and protecting those that are endangered.


Do you ever wonder if the dolphin is healthy or sick? We do!

So much is going on in the maritime world which our senses never capture.

In this section, we will bring you interesting subjects presented by folks who have most often dedicated their lives to maintaining and improving our maritime environment. But first you have to know if the water, land and air are clean and healthy. 

Just click the link below to find out. 

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