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Enjoy our spectacular maritime environment through activities that bring excitement, understanding and a desire to preserve.

The Maritime Club of Colleton River offers a variety of activities and a pleasant atmosphere in which to relax, unwind and entertain.


Have you ever seen Manatees kissing? Now you have! 

Enjoy the beauty!

Whale Research

Learning and Research

So what is REALLY going on below the surface or in the thick of the marsh grasses?? How can we better protect the maritime environment that we are blessed with so close to where we live??

Please visit these cool sites:

Sea Turtle Nesting site information - South Carolina

If you ever been to HHI beaches and seen a hole in the sand and little tracks, well, you will learn all about what's going on from Amber at the above link.

Have you ever wanted to know where sharks really are?  Well many of them have been tagged with trackers. Take a look at this website for some amazing stuff.

Shark Research and Tracker

Chris Fisher is amazing in how he is fast tracking collaborative scientific ocean research of sharks.

If you have questions or wish to suggest a topic, please contact Karen Anderson at  



What could be better than a sunset cruise on our Colleton River, a 1 1/2 hour gentle journey up and down the river perhaps catching a dolphin pod quietly relaxing from their day.

Please check the Future Adventures page for any scheduled Sunset Cruises.

Any questions, please contact our

Leader of Sunset Cruises,

Robert Stafford at

Pirate Flag

Gilligan's Island Adventures

You've watched the show now come partake in the fun!!

Our Maritime Club flotilla (all boats at Colleton River Club) and a limited number of landlubbers are invited to some crazy Pirate antics. 

Please check the Future Adventures page to see if there is an upcoming Pirate's Adventure.

For any questions, please contact our

Leaders of Flotilla Fun,

Don and Kim Campbell at


Prospective Member Experiences

We welcome prospective members who are visiting CRC to experience a few hours looking at the Colleton River Club from the "outside looking in". They see the beauty of not only the homes, golf courses and clubhouses but also the abundant maritime life that surrounds where we live. 

We believe that folks who come to Colleton River to see if it is the right community for them, should have an opportunity to see all that we have to offer; to see our maritime environment and enjoy the endless tranquility that is right on our doorstep.

If you managed to find your way to Colleton River and are now a member but never had a chance to enjoy our boat tour, see below for information to schedule your tour soon.

For any questions, please contact our

Leader of Prospective Member Experiences, 

Robert Stafford at

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